Ode to Joy - the coolest place this side of the Web! (STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION IM SORRY)

[thoughts] man im really upset. i want to add a midi to my cool website but i cant for the life of me figure out how. anyone got any tips??


Hello, and welcome to a chill place to relax and hang out, right here on the Web! Also known as Ike's home page, ha ha. Go on, have a look around. I won't stop you.

About me

Hi! My name's Ike. I don't do a lot, but I like programming, gaming, drawing, and also happen to be a tea enthusiast. This is just a place to put my interests and other things, away from the judging eyes of the public. Nothing extravagant, really.

Things I've Made

To be honest, I don't have very many finished projects! But here are some that exist, in various states of completion.


[S] LUCY: Explore.

A little walkaround for a webcomic that I didn't finish. It isn't very good, and doesn't even make very much sense if you haven't read the comic. Which, of course, you have no way of doing. Warning for loud audio.


Never did 'officially' put this anywhere. Sort of like a cleaned out version of Friendsim, with a new route. DM me on Discord if you really want to play this.

Comics and Artwork

The Game of Life (Discontinued)

A fancomic for a webcomic called 'Homestuck'. I'm sure you'll have heard of it if you're active in Web spaces. It was OK, but I still hadn't mastered this whole 'writing' thing. It was originally hosted on Google+, and I had been in the process of transferring it over to MSPFA when Google+ shut down. I didn't have the heart to transfer the whole thing due to the poor quality of the Google+ archival system - so while the full version of TGOL is not necessarily 'lost', it's doubtful that it'll ever get put anywhere unless there's demand.

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